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Harvard Media has been innovating in the media and advertising space for 40+ years. At Harvard Media, 
we don't just transform airwaves. We transform lives—
of local businesses, and the communities they serve.

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Harvard Local Media

Radio broadcasting strategy, advertising and management across 13 unique brands.

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Harvard Excelerate

Digital advertising and marketing for local businesses.

Harvard Experiences

World class community, customer events and experiences.

Harvard Interactive

Media first mobile and web applications serving millions of people monthly.

Our Vision

Harvard Media's teams are united in a singular vision: To be North America's leading digital media company, excelling in innovative, community-focused solutions.

As an evolved digital media entity, Harvard Media is dedicated to connecting audiences with the local businesses that are the lifeblood of our economies. We're not just in the media business—we're in the business of community growth and empowerment.

What We Do

Architects of Your Success

  1. Crafting radio strategies that resonate.

  2. Websites and apps that captivate.

  3. Memorable events that build your brand.

  4. Results focused digital ads and marketing.

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Empowering Communities

At Harvard Media, building and nurturing communities isn't just a goal—it's our essence. We're committed to creating networks that thrive together.


Upholding honesty and strong moral principles.

Customer Obsession

Prioritizing customer needs in every action.


Adapting swiftly and effectively to change.


Valuing every voice and perspective.


Striving for superior quality and innovation.

Our Guiding Principles

Expert Solutions

Tailoring our expertise to meet unique challenges.

Total Accountability

Owning our actions and their outcomes.

Collaborative Communication

Bridging gaps through teamwork.

Choice Employer

Creating an environment where talent thrives.

Trusted Source

Being the reliable go-to for information.

Community Commitment

Actively serving and uplifting our communities.


Always putting customer needs first.

Perpetual Improvement

Constantly elevating our standards.

Growth and Evolution

Expanding our capabilities continuously.

Empathetic Understanding

Seeking to comprehend before acting.

Unified Systems

Streamlining processes for efficiency.


Embracing change for better outcomes.

Strong Partnerships

Fostering meaningful collaborations.

Pioneering Innovation

Leading with creative solutions.

Meet The Team

Al Lucas

Media Marketing Consultant

Alex Smith

Director of Business Development

Alison Horrigan

Media Marketing Consultant

Amani Muftah

Sr Financial Analyst

Anthony Gallace

Director of Metro Sales

Ashley Shears

Media Marketing Consultant

Bonnie Day

Sr Digital Sales Manager

Brittany Hartum

Sales Enablement Professional

Cat Jones

Market Sales Manager

Cindy Michel

Media Marketing Consultant

Colin Laird

Media Marketing Consultant

Dana Poland

Media Marketing Consultant

Darien Soyta

Media Marketing Consultant

Dayna Mitchell

Media Marketing Consultant

Dene Braaten

Media Marketing Consultant

Denise Clark

Media Marketing Consultant

Devin Cannon

Media Marketing Consultant

Emily Portinari

Customer Success Team Lead

Eric Tiessen

Market Sales Manager

Farhad Foroughi

Graphic Designer

Jenna Longaphie

Media Marketing Consultant

Jennifer Ferguson

Sales Enablement Professional

Keith Spanier

Retail Sales Supervisor

Kim Diller

Retail Sales Supervisor

Kyla Bolt

Media Marketing Consultant

Landon Van Everdink

Media Planner/Customer Liason

Leah Reinhardt

Sr Digital Sales manager

Lousie Buckmaster

Sales Enablement Manager

Madison Sabourin

Customer Success Team Lead

Mardi Getti

Media Marketing Consultant

Morgan Davis

Customer Success Team Lead

Paige Lissel

Sales Enablement Professional

Ryanne Bauman

Account Executive

Tory Reade

Sr Digital Sales Manager

Zak Rempel

Director of Sales

Our Markets

Harvard Media provides advertising and media services to businesses all over Canada. Take a look at the markets we have physical footprints in below.

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