Events That Leave Lasting Memories in the Minds of Your Customers

Harvard Experiences specializes in producing a wide range of events, from large-scale concerts to community gatherings, designed to resonate and engage. We focus on meticulous execution to ensure each event is memorable, achieves its goals, and provides value to both brands and audiences alike.

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Community Events

Our websites, apps, and streams aren’t just good–With community at the forefront of Harvard Media, Harvard Experiences are proud to dive into the communities we live, work and thrive in. Through sponsorships, providing exposure for community events through our channels, and on site activations, Harvard is proud to support local community initiatives and events.they’re exceptional. We’re the architects of your digital presence.

Radio Auctions

Bringing our client offerings to our audiences in a great way! Our radio auctions provide our audiences with opportunities to purchase items and services from local businesses at great prices. Watch for the next Harvard Media auction to get your hands on a great deal.


Local businesses stand to gain significantly from our series of one-hour seminar hosted by digital solutions thought leaders. In these focused sessions, they can acquire insights into the latest trends, tools, and strategies that are shaping digital marketing. This knowledge is crucial for local businesses to effectively target their audience, optimize their online presence, and compete in an increasingly digital marketplace. The seminar also offers a platform for networking with experts and peers, fostering relationships that could lead to collaborative opportunities and shared learning, further enhancing their marketing effectiveness and business growth. At Harvard Media “We build communities”.

Live Concerts

Our Harvard Media brands are pumped to be a part of the biggest and best live concerts coming through our markets. Whether through ticket giveaways, artist interviews, our hosts on stage as an emcee, or seeing our brand present on site at the show, you’ll see and hear Harvard Media as part of live concerts and shows everywhere!


Harvard Media Experiences and Events create FOMO (fear of missing out) for both our clients and audiences alike! These major events are created and developed for clients that are looking for major brand recognition and made to superserve our communities through a large impact event. Keep an eye out for a Harvard Media event across our markets!

On Site Experiences

As you step into our On Site Experiences, you're not just an attendee; you're a part of a dynamic story. Whether it's trying out the latest tech, participating in engaging activities, or mingling with personalities, each element is designed to make you an integral part of the experience.

A few of our world class events

Classified Country – 620 CKRM, Regina

A surprise concert experience at the Turvey Centre where attendees discovered the performing artist only at the event. Featuring an acoustic set by Brett Kissel, this event left the audience, the artist, and our team with unforgettable memories.

One Weekend Only –
X92.9 & X100.7

A unique experience featuring big bands in intimate settings, complete with a two-night stay in beautiful Banff. This event has seen performances by renowned artists like Arkells, July Talk, and Chris Cornell, fostering strong connections with listeners and teams.

Grey Cup Celebrations

Harvard Experiences played a pivotal role in hosting celebrations for the prestigious Grey Cup, contributing to the festive atmosphere and connecting communities through the love of sports.

Children’s Hospital Radiothon

In partnership with local hospitals, we’ve organized radiothons to support children’s health, showcasing our commitment to community well-being and support.

Cruz FM’s “Guys Prize” in support of Prostate Cancer Research

A grand prize designed with guys in mind. Over $12,000 in prizes were given away to Cruz audience at an interactive event, all in support of the Prostate Cancer Fight Foundation during Prostate Cancer Awareness Month (September).

Country Thunder

These popular events are a testament to our versatility and range, offering diverse experiences that resonate with varied audience preferences and interests.

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