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I just wanted to touch base with you and all the support staff at Harvard Media, to let you know that, we had the best draft since before Covid. We have about 1000 more entries than the last 2 drafts. It is so awesome to have the interest. There isn’t so many new participants. But, a lot of returning, after a break from participating. Thank you for all you did in the way of promotions and plugs for us. We had a tight budget and you worked very hard to get us exposure on air. We appreciate this so much and are thankful for the effort put into helping us. On a side note, my husband, Allen, wanted me to let you know he is a long time, Sportscage Listener. He is really enjoying, you doing the show and the new platform you have. He feels you are way more rounded and diverse in all sports with your knowledge, compared to others in the past. So, thanks again for everything this spring.

Deanne Bleackley
Office Manager
Super Draft
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I want to thank you, Harvard Media and the SportsCage for the interest, enthusiasm, and support for the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League this past season. I appreciate your company’s and program’s eagerness to profile, our coaches, players, officials, its commissioner, and our teams throughout the season. I sincerely appreciate your station’s focus on a variety of Saskatchewan sports and personalities, but I especially appreciate your coverage of the SJHL. Thank you to you George and to a special thanks to Barney Shynkaruk who is knocking it out of the park since he has come on board. Thank you again for your interest in our athletes and for your interest in the SJHL.

Kyle McIntyre
Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League