April 2, 2024

Why Harvard Media Acquired SaskToday.ca

“The only thing constant is change," one of the most valuable lessons I have learned in my 40-year business career. That pace of change is accelerating every second. As our society continues to go through seismic shifts, the team at Harvard Media has taken a significant step to further our commitment to hyper-local community connection in Saskatchewan. We recently acquired SaskToday.ca from Glacier Media, a strategic move that not only dramatically extends our digital footprint but also deepens our roots in serving communities across Saskatchewan.

As a vibrant part of the 121-year-old Hill Companies, Harvard Media has always been at the forefront of media transformation, serving communities from Saskatoon, Yorkton, and Regina, and all the surrounding towns and villages. Our legacy is built on innovation, community service, and an unshakeable commitment to the regions we serve. Acquiring SaskToday.ca is a testament to our vision of enhancing local news coverage across this province, including in communities such as Outlook, Unity, The Battlefords, Weyburn, and Humboldt, ensuring our dedication to Saskatchewan is as strong as ever.

The drive behind bringing SaskToday.ca into our hyper-locally focused team stemmed from a noticeable decline in local news programming by Toronto-based publicly traded companies. This reduction has created a noticeable vacuum in local content, particularly felt in towns such as Preeceville, Carlyle, and Assiniboia, leaving our communities craving news that resonates with their local experiences. Harvard Media's acquisition of SaskToday.ca is our bold answer to this need, ensuring the people of Saskatchewan have access to a dedicated platform for local news and stories that truly matter to them.

SaskToday.ca, known for its robust coverage of Saskatchewan’s diverse communities, including places like Estevan, Kamsack, Humboldt, aligns perfectly with our passion for hyper-local content. By integrating this platform into Harvard Media’s rich portfolio, we are not only expanding our reach but also enhancing our content, making it more accessible and relevant to our audience's daily lives.

Our strategy is not just about filling the gap left by others. It’s about fostering a vibrant space where local news flourishes and communities find a voice. In these challenging times for local journalism, our acquisition of SaskToday.ca underscores our belief in the indispensable power of local news. We're here to ensure that no story goes untold and that the vibrant pulse of Saskatchewan, from our largest cities like Saskatoon and Regina to smaller communities like the Estevan and Kamsack, continues to beat strong through our collective efforts.

At Harvard Media, our dedication to Saskatchewan is unwavering. We are 100% committed to this province, demonstrated through our actions. This acquisition is a clear signal of our resolve to invest in the future of local journalism, support our communities, and continue the Hill Companies' legacy of adapting to the needs of the times while staying true to our core values.

We are thrilled about the future with SaskToday.ca now a part of Harvard Media. Together, we will innovate, inspire, and inform, bringing stories that matter into the homes and hearts of residents across Saskatchewan, from Canora to Wilkie, and every community in between. Our path forward is marked by a commitment to enriching our community's life through quality journalism and engaging content that resonates with the people we are proud to serve.

Thank you for your unwavering support as we embark on this exciting new chapter. Together, we will keep Saskatchewan informed, connected, and as vibrant as it’s always been.

George Leith
Managing Partner/EVP/CRO

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